Are you experiencing a challenging life change and are unable to figure out how to make your way through it?

Have you been diagnosed with an illness and are struggling with fear?

Do you want to find ways to resolve conflicts, reduce stress and make changes both professionally and personally?

Imagine emerging from anxiety, uncertainty and self-doubt to clarity and growth!

Rosie Mankes is here to work with you. Rosie always had a very keen interest in helping others having spent many years in sales management and training, so she decided to become Certified as a Professional Life Coach and Motivational Speaker after her second cancer diagnosis. Rosie instinctively knew that Coaching and speaking engagements were where she could best help people and make the most meaningful impact. Rosie offers coaching and motivational sessions in Personal Growth, Health & Wellness, Crisis and Conflict Resolution and Stress Management. Her personal journey and professional training provides her with the unique ability to help her clients identify their inner strengths, find a vision for themselves, but most importantly obtaining their desired outcomes and dreams. Feedback from clients is that Rosie has a unique, warm and personal style which allows them to open up, share their story and actually want to do the necessary work to achieve their goals. A few words from Rosie:

In working with my clients, my pledge is to emphasize, encourage, motivate, guide, support and increase their awareness of the strengths they hold within them.  My main objective is to help them unlock their fullest potential and find peace, balance and success in their lives.

If you are struggling or experiencing obstacles, please call Rosie at 732-672-0237 or email her at to schedule a free 30-minute consultation, or to inquire about a speaking engagement. Rosie is available for phone or Skype Coaching sessions anywhere in the United States or internationally. 

Proud to be featured in the July 2017 Newsletter.  To view Rosie's Blogs on her breast cancer journey, please click on Blog at the top of this page. 




 Health, well-being and personal growth

Cognitive self-change

Emotional wellness

Strength Finder Assessment


Partner relationship struggles

Empty nest syndrome

Caring for parents with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

Motivation, confidence and transitioning workshops


Workplace conflicts

Life transitions and path coaching

Job loss stress

Academic success


If you need help embracing your challenges and would like to draw upon my professional and personal experience, you will:

Uncover key road blocks and self-limiting beliefs

Move from fear and anxiety to clarity and peace
Learn to cherish and embrace who you are
Experience increased joy and fulfillment
Feel more balanced and centered
Experience more closeness in your relationships



Want to chat about what's going on in your life?

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation.

I am available for phone or Skype sessions anywhere in the United States and internationally.


Lynn L.

“Rosie is the type of life coach I needed, straight forward, kindhearted and professional. Rosie navigated me through my insecurities and unknowns of my breast cancer journey. She draws from her many life experiences with her insightful suggestions but with careful listening. Many questions to my surgeon were her questions to me, ones I would never think of asking. The sessions provided me with positive reinforcement and direction which enabled me to look forward to a long future. She always left me feeling upbeat and hopeful after every conversation.”

Cheryl. M

“Rosie is empathetic, highly professional, and personal, even funny at times. This combination is unique and what I needed when I found myself searching for someone to get me through a really difficult time in my life. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found Rosie. She helped me turn fear and uncertainty into an action plan and helped me to map out a distinct path and move forward with more clarity than I had ever experienced when working with other professionals.”

Mary R.

"Before meeting Rosie, I couldn’t see how I was going to make it through the next couple of months as I had some very serious health issues to deal with. As a survivor of both breast and lung cancer herself, Rosie helped me to dig deep inside of me to find my coping mechanisms and get me through each day by using her practical and personal experiences to help guide me. I continue to work with her today and highly recommend her to others. "

John C.

“Rosie Mankes has a unique way of helping bring to the surface things that have been buried within me for some time in order to help me move forward with my goals. She asks direct, spot-on questions in order to make me gain clarity, become accountable for my actions and help me find the answers with the objective of making me reach higher and go beyond what I thought was achievable. In working with Rosie, I've learned how to make intentional, well thought out choices and have developed a newfound confidence.”